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Our commitment to you:

We’ve invested in the highest quality multimedia software to ensure customer satisfaction. We guarantee your final production will exceed your expectations.

Every project is treated equally:

The time that it takes to produce our unique one-of-a-kind DVD slideshows big or small is equally close to our hearts. Our true reward comes from the joy our shows bring to our clients, their family and friends—and knowing they will be cherished for years to come. 

Guarantee of Quality:

We use the highest quality DVD media on the market. Our Ultra HydroShield water-resistant DVD-R discs have a durable water-resistant coating leaving the disc well-protected against smudging, humidity, and small spills. In addition to protecting the disc, the Ultra HydroShield discs have a glossy surface that enhances colors giving your DVDs a professional look and feel. Our DVDs also come packaged in a durable Polypropylene plastic case, the same cases you find in all major DVD video stores. The clear plastic outer sleeve contains a full color customized insert that compliments your full color DVD.

Photo Optimization:

Staying true to our commitment, it begins with each picture looking its best. Once all your pictures are in our system; whether you send them to us already digitized or we scan them ourselves, we go through each one for any necessary editing, color correcting and red-eye removal. This process takes many, many hours before we can even begin producing your video. We also restore old torn, wrinkled, faded, and scratched photos to their best quality possible (extra charge may apply).

Great Customer Service:

Once you have made the right choice to have Angel Video Memories go to work with you, you can reach us by e-mail or phone at your convenience. We make ourselves available to serve you based on your schedule—even if that means you only have the weekends to work on putting together what will be an everlasting gift for that someone special.

Now you’re probably asking yourself…WHERE DO I BEGIN?

You already know the “Who” you are creating this timeless video album for. Now think through what is important to you and what memories your want captured. Then answer the following questions:

1. How long do you want your video album to be?

2. What do you want your slideshow video to include?

  • Photos that span the life of a person?
  • Photos that focus on a specific time period of a person's life such as a birthday, graduation, wedding, vacation, anniversary, etc?
  • Photos that are a theme throughout a person’s life such as sports from 1st grade through 12th grade, recitals, etc.

3. What kind of feel do you want to give your video slideshow? Humorous? Sentimental? Nostalgic? All three?

4. What feelings do you want to stir up in your viewers?

5. What songs would be best to bring out these feelings? Visit our song selection page for ideas.

6. Are captions necessary for certain pictures in order to understand the photo?

7. Are title slides necessary to begin the different chapters?

8. Is there a special message you'd like to express?

9. For wedding slideshow videos would you like the bride's photos and the groom's photos to be separate or intertwined with each other?

10. After answering these questions decide which of our packages would work best for you. If after answering all ten questions and you feel you still need help we are a phone call or an e-mail away!


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